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Welcome To The Manic Juice Record Shop

Welcome To The Manic Juice Record Shop

 Here you can browse our inventory and see what we have in stock. Our shops are accessible on several websites, each offering a slightly different inventory of items.

If you're looking for a specific release of something that doesn't appear in any of our shops, shoot us an email - odds are, we can find you a copy.

If you have old records, CDs, tapes, or anything else of the sort collecting dust,


Email us regarding what you would like to part with, and a negotiable price.

Please send all inquiries to

(All items are listed in USD and are in "used" condition, unless otherwise noted. We are always open to offers. All items ship out within 5 days of cleared payment)

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MJR Inventory

The Mother List - a catalogue of our entire inventory. Unlike eBay and Discogs, purchases cannot be made directly from the site. Instead, simply email us for any order inquiry. We list things here that we can't list anywhere else! (bootlegs, mixtapes, etc.)

*if using a smart phone, please select "mobile"*

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Our Discogs shop! We've been an active member in the Discogs community since 2017 - buying, selling, and trading with a golden track record (no pun intended).

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Our eBay page is more focused on merch and memorabilia. T-shirts, books, magazines, tour items - whatever we can get our hands on! Occasionally we set bids for high value or rare items. This is also where we can list blank media (CD-Rs, blank cassettes, vintage cassettes, etc.) 

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